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Our Services

Why is Rush My Essay the best writing service to choose? First of all, it’s about the quality and speedy delivery. Our customers always receive top-notch papers by the deadline they indicate. There is no plagiarism in the content, and all papers are custom-written according to the instructions we get.

But there’s another factor that plays a huge role in the high status of our service: the versatility of our services.

When you find and try Rush-My-Essay, you’ll never think of hiring another writing agency again. How do we know that you might wonder? Well, we hired talented writers in all areas of study. You’ll not only choose the type of document you want but the subject area as well.

Our team includes MA and PhD writers from the categories of math, English, theatre, art, drama, design analysis, dance, architecture, chemistry, business, biology, journalism, economics, education, history, engineering, literature, law, medicine and health, marketing, management, political science, statistics, technology, philosophy, psychology, physics, web design, and much, much more!

Just access our order form and you’ll be able to choose whatever project you need, in any area of study. We’ll assign it to a writer who holds a graduate degree in the relevant subject area.

As for the type of services we provide, our list includes, but is not limited to:

Research paper

The research paper is much more complex and way longer than an essay, so it naturally requires a longer period of time to complete. Unfortunately, students often procrastinate so they are left with too much work to complete by a close deadline.

We can help! We complete unique research papers from all areas of study. Just give us more details about the topic, length, citation style, and everything else related to the project. You’ll have amazing content right on time!


Your professors don’t tell you “just complete coursework,” they give you very specific instructions. That’s exactly why it’s hard to get it done. You can’t just copy content from an online source. If you cannot complete it, you need the help of a professional writer, who knows what the challenge calls for.

Here at Rush-My-Essay.com, you’ll get relevant, reliable, and timely assistance with coursework!


So you’re close to the end of your PhD program and you’re about to start working on your dissertation? It’s unlike any other academic paper you’ve written before. It’s longer, more complicated, and way more important. It’s only natural to get overwhelmed at some point.

Whether you need assistance with any chapter or the entire project, you can count on us! We’ll assign your order to a PhD writer from your area of study.

Term paper

Term papers are similar to research papers, but they might come with different instructions. Basically, this is the paper that you submit at the end of the term. It should showcase your level of knowledge on a particular topic from the curriculum. It should also convey your interest and ability to search through reliable academic resources and use them in a way that makes your arguments stronger.

Maybe you don’t have time to complete the term paper. Maybe you don’t have the needed research and writing skills. Whatever the case is, there’s no need to worry. We’ll help!


This is the most common type of academic assignment that students complete in high school, college, and graduate school. These projects are supposed to train you to express your arguments in the most convincing manner.

But sometimes it’s impossible to complete them all. The topics are challenging and you have too much studying to do. If you need any kind of help with your essays, our professional writers are at your service. We deliver 100% unique content founded on your instructions.

Case study

The case study is one of the most challenges assignments you’ll need to complete for social sciences and life sciences courses. It’s basically a research project that involves an in-depth examination of a case. It’s a systematic study of an individual, group, community, organization, or any kind of situation related to the course you’re taking.

A case study should develop your analytical and critical thinking skills. If you face any serious obstacles that don’t allow you to write this project, you can hire a writer from our team.

Book report

Book reports are not easy, mainly because they require more time than an average paper. You cannot write a great book report without reading the book first. The problem is: your professors assign lengthy books for these projects, and they are quite often outside your comfort zone. You don’t have time or will to read the books, so you have no idea how to approach this assignment?

We can help! We have writers with degrees in literature. They’ve already read the books you’re supposed to analyze. We’ll assign a qualified writer to complete an extraordinary book report for you!


On top of all essays, research papers, case studies, and other types of coursework to write, you also get regular homework assignments. You’re aware of the fact that these assignments are supposed to help you study on a progressive basis. You know they are useful. However, you don’t always have time for them. Since your teachers won’t accept any excuses, you have to look for a solution.

That solution is right here at Rush-My-Essay! Hire a well-educated writer for any type of homework!


The thesis is the final project to complete during your MA program. It must prove that you’re ready for that Master’s degree. It should not only explore a topic in detail, but it must also be unique and provide great value to the academic and scientific community.

It’s a big challenge, to say the least. If you’re stuck at any stage, don’t hold back and hire a writer on our website! You cannot risk everything you’ve invested in your education so far.

Lab report

The lab report describes and analyzes a lab experiment in detail. It should explore a scientific concept and describe how it takes place in our environment. The project is meant to inspire you to conduct scientific research and understand how chemical formulas actually work.

The lab report is not easy to write. Maybe you understand the experiment, but it’s chemistry and you don’t know how to express it through a lengthy text. Our writers know! You can order a lab report at our website and you’ll get it by the deadline.

PowerPoint presentation

The way you design and write your PowerPoint presentation determines its chances for success. Maybe you have a great foundation and you’re ready to present. If the slides are not perfect, you’ll fail to attract the attention of your audience.

PowerPoint presentations are needed for students, but for all types of professionals as well. If you want to make it truly perfect, hire an expert on our website! We guarantee to deliver a perfectly designed and well-written presentation.

Article critique

When your professors ask you to write an article critique, they rarely explain what the project actually is. An article critique is an in-depth evaluation of an academic article or scientific report. It must identify and evaluate the author’s ideas, and respond to them from a critical point of view. It’s not about criticism; it’s about critical thinking, which may be both positive and negative.

If you don’t know how to tackle this project, you may order the article critique at our website.

Dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal explains what you’re going to do with your final PhD project. It should showcase the topic, structure, methods of research, the main ideas you’ll analyze, and the results you hope to find. If it’s not absolutely perfect, the PhD committee won’t approve the final project. So it has to be perfect!

In case you’re stuck with the dissertation proposal in any stage of the completion, you may collaborate with a PhD writer at our website. We guarantee to deliver great results!

Editing service

Editing is more than proofreading! This stage of the writing process is based on a detailed analysis of the logical flow, message, and all aspects of the text. It should get it perfect for the reader, so there will be no confusion whatsoever.
When you hire a professional editor at our website, they will improve your content from all aspects without affecting your unique writer’s voice. Our editing assistance comes with truly affordable prices, but delivers great value in return!

Review writing

A review is a formal assessment of a book, movie, article, or any kind of product. It should provide all details for the reader, so they will decide whether or not the product is worth trying, the movie is worth watching, or the book/article is worth reading.

When you’re writing it for an academic course, the review is not just about expressing your opinion. You’ll get a grade on this project, so you have to write on a higher level. We’ll help you with that! Our writers know how to impress your professors!

Personal statement

The personal statement is a mandatory part of the application documents for graduate school. You know you deserve this chance and you’re ready to invest great efforts into higher education, but the admission committee members don’t know that. The personal statement should tell them! It should describe your achievements, interests, and plans for the future.

It’s a big challenge, and it’s safe to say that your entire future depends on the way you write the personal statement. If you need any help with it, we’re here! You can count on our writers!