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Article Critique

Writing an article critique is nothing like writing an article. In fact, it is nothing like writing any other kind of paper. Students share a common misconception that article critique writing requires them to criticize a piece of work written by someone else. While the goal of an article critique is to present and support an idea and opinion you have on an article, it most certainly does not have to be negative.

This is all very confusing, especially to those who need to write their first article critique ever. There are also those who find it too complicated to organize and write or those who don’t have the time for another article critique at a given point. Whichever it is, these students share one same thing – they all need our article critique help.

Article Critique Writing at Rush-my-essay.com

To ensure a high grade for you and add to your great academic performance so far, we’ve hired some great writers to do this task for you. They are precisely here at our company for that reason – to write an informative piece of work that shares a strong opinion about an article, in a way that no one will recognize it is not your piece of writing.

The article critique writers in this team have demonstrated excellent writing skills in the past, ergo our reputation as the best article critique writing service you can find. To be on the safe side and be able to guarantee you everything, we give out these tasks only to the writers who work on similar assignments on daily basis. Moreover, we selected each of the writers with care, making sure they all have university degrees, are native English writers, and have knowledge of the paper’s structure.

So, when you give us an article critique task for writing, we don’t just go and give it to the first writer that is available at the moment. We take a small portion of our time to find a suitable writer. When we do, the writer immediately starts reading the article and working out a way to write an excellent critique. Since they are all highly skilled in this, we can offer such expertise within as close as hours from the moment you make an order.

How Article Critiques are written at Our Service

A great article critique should be objective, but emphasize the opinion of the author. When we approach an article with the goal to write a critique, we first start by performing an objective analysis of the piece. If we find its main points to be based on facts and reason we will demonstrate a positive impression. If we find them poorly backed or unreasonable, we will demonstrate a negative impression. Whichever road we choose to take, there will be evidence to back it up.

Writing a critique requires critical thinking and a grand deal of research, both on the article and its author. To be able to make arguments and provide evidence, the writer will most likely need to research the topic a bit further, often outside the article itself. This should provide a strong basis for the chosen argument in regard to the article, positive or negative.

Basically, we write article critiques by following these steps:

  • Read the given article. Take notes in the process.
  • Research the author and other relevant work he or she wrote.
  • Research similar articles and sources that discuss the same idea. If the opinion about the article is actual criticism, find sources that support this argument. If the opinion is praise, find sources that support that praise.
  • Organize the content prior to writing the critique.
  • Write the critique. Express the author’s opinion somewhere at the end of the paper.
  • Use an objective approach and analysis of the article. Only show the author’s opinion after this is done.

Being as experienced as they are in article critique writing, our writers won’t make the mistakes that are common among students. We won’t approach the article critique too harsh, or be judgmental instead of objective. Our writing will include an opinion, but only after a clear analysis has been introduced.

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