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Did you think that your overachieving peers managed to complete all their papers without hiring someone to write college essay for them? You were wrong.

Our experience tells us something else: nearly every student has to hire an essay writer at least once throughout the term.

College life is challenging. It’s not just about parties and friendships. That’s what the movies make you think, but the reality is different. It’s mostly about classes, assignments, team projects, study groups, tests, and work. Yes; students have to work to cover their food and bills. Scholarships don’t take care of those aspects of living.

So you’re left with no free time and a pile of essays to write. What can you do? The only option you have is the one that most students rely on: hire a pro college essay writing service.

The lack of time is the biggest reason why students order essays online. But it’s not the only one. A college essay writer is necessary in a few other situations:

  • If the student can’t write, the professors don’t bother teaching them. Their job is to assign papers and give lectures. They assume that the students already learned how to write throughout high school. The problem is: they didn’t. Many foreign students never had to write 5-paragraphs essays by the standards of our educational system.
  • Some students do well with writing, but they are going through personal struggles that disable them from completing the entire work. They feel anxious. They are pressured by the plans for their future, which are often imposed by someone else. They are also pressured to work on their friendships. Sometimes it’s easier to hire a writer who would solve the problem.
  • Procrastination is real. In college, you get overwhelming assignments. The deadline seems far away, so you convince yourself that there’s enough time to work on them. The time goes away, and you’re left with a close deadline and no work done. In that case, a pro writer is necessary.

These are only a few of the reasons why our service is the right one to help with writing papers for college:

  • We are very picky about the writers we hire. When someone applies for a position in our writing team, we check their education first. They have to show proof of an MA or PhD degree. Then, we test them. We assign various types of papers on topics in their subject areas. If they can write well, they are in. Our writers only accept projects that belong to their area of study.
  • We proofread each essay. Our writers are native English speakers. They know their grammar. We continuously train them to help them become better. Still, we have a quality assurance team that checks the papers before we deliver them to the final user. This is how we make sure they are flawless.
  • We know that you can’t spend a fortune on an essay. You’re thinking: I want an affordable service to write my college essay. We offer professional academic writing for prices starting at $19.99 per page. We’ll give you a 15% discount on your first paper. That’s a more affordable price when compared to our competitors. But you’re getting better quality at the same time.
  • We have a huge base of loyal customers. They keep coming back to our writers once they see how talented and committed they are.
  • We give you free revisions. This is an important policy that goes to your advantage. We want you to be 100% happy with the essay you get. If you don’t like something, all you need to do is send us a message. We’ll fix the issues without delays.


How Will You Benefit from a Pro College Essay Writer?

The obvious advantage is having a perfect paper done on time. When you hire college essay helper, you can rest assured that you’ll work with the most talented and knowledgeable writer for your topic. They will complete the best work, and you’ll have it by your deadline. You achieve the goal without much effort involved. Your professor will be impressed. They will never suspect that you bought the paper online. But hiring a pro essay writer comes with a few other benefits:

  • If your professors don’t teach you how to write, what can you do? You can rely on a professional, who knows what they expect. This essay will serve as an example that meets their expectations. You can compare it to your own work to see what makes it better. You can compare the professor’s notes and you’ll notice how the expert’s work doesn’t leave any space for criticism. Through this experience, you learn how to write good papers.
  • The writer relieves you from stress. What’s the greatest source of anxiety for you? It’s safe to say that assignments contribute towards the overall levels of stress you experience. When you outsource part of that work, you’ll feel more relaxed.
  • Since you’re delegating an assignment that would take away a lot of your time, you have that spare time to use however you want. You can fit in a movie night somewhere in your schedule. You can accept that date and see where it goes. You can read a book that’s not a mandatory read. Finally, you can feel like more of a human and less of a robot.

How to Work with a Professional College Essay Writer

These tips will help you to get the most out of your collaboration with a college essay writer:

  • Be extra careful with the instructions. Our writers are brilliant, but they don’t read minds. You have to tell them what you expect, so that your expectations can be met. The order form is detailed. You can tell us what arguments you want the writer to include. If you want them to use particular resources, mention them.
  • When you’re an active participant in the process, you increase the chances for success. You can ask for updates at any stage. We’ll send an outline if you want to check it out. You can give more instructions on the go, so you’ll make sure that the writer is on the right track.
  • If you don’t have time to observe the writer’s work, relax. Just make sure to provide correct instructions in the order form. The paper will still be impressive.
  • Start checking your email before the deadline. We usually deliver the papers ahead of time. You have enough time to read your essay and decide: is it what you wanted? The writer is available for free revisions. Feel free to ask for any improvements!
  • Read our policies before you place the order. You should know your rights as a customer. That’s how you’ll benefit from our service the most.

When to Hire a College Essay Writing Service

You can count on RushMyEssay service anytime. You have to have that essay in 3 hours? We’ll achieve that goal. We hired a versatile and a large writing team. That’s why we can meet all demands from our customers. When we process your order, consider it done. You’ll have your essay by your deadline. But if you want the most affordable price, we recommend placing the orders sooner. For essays, the cheapest prices are set for the deadline of 10 days. That gives the writer plenty of time to organize their work, so they can reduce the price in return for the convenience they get.

Can You Get a College Essay Paper Cheap?

Yes! Cheap is a word that should express the price; not the quality. That’s the motto we built our service upon. When you hire a college essay writer on our website, you’re paying a more affordable price. However, you’re getting better quality and unique results. Keep this to mind: our writers only complete custom-written work. They take your instructions and start working from scratch. They don’t copy other sources and arguments. They don’t rewrite or paraphrase. They develop a unique concept for the assignment, and they write 100% original work. You’re paying professionals for a high-quality essay. They cannot set an extremely cheap price for their work, since this is what they do for a living. But the quotes are affordable and acceptable for average students. Don’t forget about our discount program!

Our college essay writing service depends on the high-quality work of our online essay writers. But that’s only one link in the chain. Their work is complemented by the talent and diligence of our proofreaders and editors. We make sure that each piece of work is perfect before delivering it to our users. You’ll never find grammatical or stylistic errors in our content.

Our customer service department is also important. They are responsible for receiving orders and delegating them to the right writers. They check what the essay is about, and they contact writers with relevant education. Then, they are available 24/7 to answer your questions and support you through the process of completion.

Hire the Professional College Essay Writers Today!

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We can help you fight through your academic writing struggles. Our college writing help service is safe and reliable. We are serious about your confidentiality. You can feel safe and calm, knowing that the perfect essay is on its way.

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