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You can have any reason to purchase college paper – and it will be a good enough reason. Some do this because they need some help with the writing part or the research part. Others do it because they don’t feel like writing it or don’t know how to write it well. There are even those who can write it well, but want to make sure that they’ll get the right grade, so they buy custom college essays from the most experienced college essay writers or send their ready ones to us for editing.

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How much does college paper cost at your service?

The pricing of essays vary at our company. We recommend that you order ahead to use our best rates. Prices at rush-my-essay are fair and competitive. We also add some discounts into the mix to make them something all students can afford.

Will I get caught if I buy a college essay?

No. Being the best writing service means that we will never disclose your little secret to third parties. Educational institutions don’t praise the action of ordering papers online, but with our confidentiality guarantee, you never have to worry about this. We’ll send you the paper before the deadline clock strikes and you can submit it on your own.

Is paying someone to write an essay illegal?

No. Buying papers online is as legal as any ordinary products you purchase on the Web. There’s no law that prevents you from doing this. Still, choosing a service that will keep this confidential should be one of your priorities.

How to Buy Essays Online at Rush-my-essay

Whenever you decide on buying a paper for college, you can go to our website and do one of the two things described here:

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In the form, you’ll be asked to provide basic personal information that allows us to deliver the paper to you or reach out if we have further questions. Then, we’ll ask you to provide information about the order you wish to make i.e. when it is due, how many pages you need, what type of paper you need, what formatting style we should use, etc.

At this point, we recommend that you provide us with any detailed requirement you have in mind. We focus greatly on your instructions, so if you provide us with any requirements, you can be rest assured that we will meet them. The more specific you are about this, the better we can meet your expectations.

  • Contact our support department and ask them for help.

If you have questions or cannot fill out the form for some reason, you can always contact a member of our support team and ask them to assist you. Our live chat is right there at the right bottom of the page – any page you are on. We’ll just require your name and will connect you with an agent as soon as possible.

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