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As soon as we deliver the finished paper to our customer, we are giving him/her an opportunity to grade or work. If you have ordered from us, you get a chance to leave whatever feedback you like regarding our work. We publish these testimonials for everyone to see and are proud to say that by this point, we have excelled in keeping all our customers happy.

Even if you have a complaint, we won’t mind. On the opposite, we will use this complaint to improve our essay writing service. We are appreciative of your trust and your feedback. Following are testimonials from some of our customers for you to see.

Doris Stone:

I’ve never had such a great experience with a writing company. Trust me – I’ve literally tried them all and none of them tells the truth. Okay, to be honest, I’ve tried at least a dozen, but the bad experiences made me lose hope. I almost stopped ordering online (had no idea what I would do next), but when my friend told me about this one, I decided I’d give one last shot to the professional writers online.

Persistence brought me to this company and I am glad it did. All those papers I submitted after spending an entire night trying to fix things writers ruined made my grades lower, but this company helped me turn them into As and Bs all over again. I now use them regularly, for almost every paper, and am very grateful for the amazing service.

Tammy Ordaz:

Four years have gone by since I started ordering here. When you have help, time flies. I don’t write papers and I certainly don’t understand why these are required. Not all of us are born writers!

Regardless, the people here are the born writers I needed to help me. I learned a lot since I ordered my first paper. It was an essay and it was amazing! I was still in high school and my teacher asked me to read it out loud, so when the time came to order again, I started reading the papers before submitting them.

Now I am in college and no one knows my little secret. I guess you don’t have to be a writer to graduate, heh!

Kristen Shelton:

I read all kinds of comments for rush-my-essay, most of them good. So, I ordered a term paper. It was a bit expensive, but I expected nothing different since I ordered it two days before my deadline. Thankfully, the writers are fast so they got the paper to me right on time. I didn’t have much room to leave some time for revisions.
The greatest part was, I didn’t need revisions. I changed a sentence or two I liked better my way and submitted it the next morning. When I was waiting, I feared that I’d have to fix the paper all night long, but my experience turned out to be amazing. With the discount for new customers, I got an improved rate, but I want to tell everyone to order ahead.

Denis Flowers:

I was the only person in class who didn’t get high grades. I wondered how come everyone is so great at writing, I am the only one that can’t write? When I made close friends with the people there (I came to their class from another town), they told me that no one really knows how to write that well. As it turns out, they all get papers from a company they found and get great grades, and no one knows about it.

This company is rush-my-essay.com. Even the good writers started sending papers for edit there, maybe because of curiosity or because they were too tired to do everything. I know I send my papers here because they are amazing, and I don’t even bother to write and send it for editing. They do it all for me!

Nicol Skiba:

I won’t forget the first experience I had with this company. I suffered a lot ordering online. Whenever I ordered from a company, they wrote bad papers, missed my deadlines, sent me plagiarized content, charged me more than they said, and whatnot. So, when my friend told me about these writers, I was a bit rude talking to their customer service. I simply didn’t trust them.

They noticed how untrusting and afraid I am that this company will also make me spend all night trying to fix a paper, so they kept me notified about everything. The agents actually told me how my paper’s progressing!
After this first order, I no longer left room to ask for revisions or fix the papers myself. I trust the writers completely.

Tonia Neal:

Rush-my-essay is amazing. The writers can write literally everything. I know it because I’ve ordered it. So far I’ve got essays, research papers, term papers, articles, reviews, and editing from them. Everything was just great. Now it is time for me to get my dissertation, but I’m not doubtful that they’ll do a great job at all.

The best part about this paper writing service is the pricing system. With the system in place, you get better prices every time you order. By now, I get the biggest loyalty offer on everything, so prices are less than I could’ve imagined. It’s no longer smart for me to spend hours on papers when I can pay a couple of bucks and get them in perfect shape.

Inocencia Thomason:

I lived and studied abroad, so my English wasn’t great when I came. Teachers didn’t care – they just kept giving me essays and papers to write and expected them to be great. I studied a lot but my writing got me very bad grades. I was hopeless.

A friend I made here told me about online help. I didn’t have another solution, so I started ordering papers. The company turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me. I learned English and now write some of my papers myself, but I still find it hard to do those complex ones. This is my savior and I am forever grateful.

Edwin McDonald:

It’s like they gathered all great writers in one company and didn’t leave anyone for other services. As a person who has tried his share of bad companies, I vouch for this company without the second thought. They are great and I’m not only talking about the writers. But, the writers are the greatest, that’s for sure.

I like the customer service, although they could be a bit friendlier and not so serious when talking to me. I like professional, but I order every week and it is like they never spoke to me. But, they are always there and give me such nice prices, I’m sure that strictness is what they got to do. All in all, rush-my-essay are the best.

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